Monday, 28 May 2018

Smaug Socks in Walcot Yarns Opus

Smaug socks in Walcot Yarns Opus

Some time ago, I knitted a pair of Smaug socks that I absolutely loved. Sadly, I only got to wear them once or twice before the moths got to them and they couldn’t be saved. Even though I dislike knitting the same thing more than once, I knew I would give these socks another go.

2014 is far enough away for me to not mind revisiting this pattern, but the main reason I chose it is because I got my hands on Opus by Walcot Yarns, my LYS’ very own brand (I love that Art Nouveau style label, by the way). A Yarn Story has created a range of beautiful colourways and I was tempted from the start. My stash is already making me feel guilty, so it took this long to finally buy a skein, and I think it is worth it.

Opus would look best in shawls, I think. I can imagine using it for lovely, soft gloves as well or a light, but warm top. It feels wonderfully soft and is fairly loosely plied. I love the fibre content on the label: 70% Falkland Merino, 30% Baby Alpaca, 100% Awesome. Seriously, how can you resist 100% Awesome? Despite the softness, this 4-ply is described as hard-wearing, so I hope it stands up to being worn on feet. I deliberately wanted to use a yarn that does not contain nylon, just to see how well it lasts (the environment will probably thank me, too).

The yarn knits up very well, though using 2 mm needles means I have to be careful to get all the strands of each stitch while knitting. Sometimes I miss because of the loose ply, but using the recommended 3 – 4 mm needles would make it easier.

So Smaug is coming along nicely and I am enjoying the pattern. I made a mistake right at the start, however, and ended up with a much longer cuff than called for. Never mind. The original length was a tiny bit too short for my liking, so this mistake isn’t a biggie. I particularly enjoy knitting the "scales" the cuff consists of. It’s very easy to do and memorise, so don’t be afraid to give this pattern a go.
I am in no rush to finish these socks and am enjoying the process. The yarn and pattern certainly make for a good, calming experience. 

Have you tried Opus yet? How did you like it? Let me know here in the comments or over on Twitter @KnittyNadia.

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