Saturday, 18 November 2017

My RosaFlora Wedding Shawl

RosaFlora Wedding Shawl

I promised you a decent photo of my RosaFlora wedding shawl in action and now I can finally share it with you. I love our wedding photos, all taken by John and Soph of John Barwood Photography. This is one of my favourites and it shows off the shawl nicely. It a worth every stitch and every bead.

The big day

We got married at sunset by torchlight at the Roman Baths. We had dinner on the terrace overlooking the Great Bath where we had our ceremony and, as clich├ęd as it sounds, everything was perfect. Well, I couldn't hear my entrance music, which was a shame, but in the end it didn't matter because our guests applauded and cheered as I walked towards them. I have to say, that was unexpected and  sent my heart soaring. I nearly cried when I finally reached Mark... and then the registrar told me off for kissing him since that was "reserved for the end of the ceremony". (Of course he was joking.)

What I wore

But back to the shawl! I loved wearing it and I think it rounded off the dress nicely. I didn't go for a traditional wedding gown at all and simply bought a white textured dress from Lovedrobe I found at Evans for all of £69. It's short and ends just under the knee, has a v-neck and back, but doesn't come with the sleeves I would have preferred. So having a shawl was a great way to cover up. Luckily the weather was fine - I was worried it would be too chilly in my outfit during the outdoor ceremony as we had had a few very cold days.


The shawl had just the right weight and drape thanks to the golden beads I added to the edge, and the silk lace adds a touch of luxury. I felt wonderful wearing it. I definitely recommend RosaFlora as a wedding shawl so if you are thinking of making it for yourself, go for it! 

I used the recommended yarn in a cream colourway with pink accents and am very happy with it. Please note that the yarn on the seller's site looks much more lustrous than it actually is. The pattern is fairly easy to knit if you like lace. I only made mistakes at the beginning because I didn't pay attention, but once you get going, you're off. It took e just over a month to finish, which is half the time I had planned. And the shawl is huge! I hadn't expected that.

Over to you

Have you ever knitted something for a wedding, either your own or someone else's? Let me know how it turned out in the comments.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Pixelated Pullover: Take 2

Knitting my first Pixelated Pullover

It's been ages since I first cast on my Pixelated jumper, it's embarrassing. In my defence, I had pretty much finished it once before, but decided to rip back nearly all the way due to the odd fit and the sleeve of doom. I was well aware of the fact that I hate knitting the same pattern twice, so it doesn't surprise me that it took a very long time to pick it up again.

And now I have! I made sure to finish up my Christmas knit before getting back into jumper knitting. Sadly, moths gnawed their way into the bag in which I stored it, but there doesn't seem to be any real damage. The jumper seems fine even though it was clear that moths had certainly been on it in places. Some of the yarn also had signs of moth larvae, but nothing more. We will see what happens, I guess. It's a good thing the yarn is DK weight and not anything finer that is easily chewed through!

So I am slowly plodding on and enjoying this knit again. I really want to be able to wear the jumper this winter, so I better hurry and hope that nothing gets in the way this time! My plan is to simply knit it in a boxy shape without alterations because the customised fit was the main culprit before. As this is my first jumper, I think keeping it simple may be the best idea for now.

What's your current knitting challenge?