Friday, 29 July 2016

The Wedding Shawl: Update 2

Stitch by stitch, row by row, the shawl is growing. The wedding is still more than a year away so I don't mind the many times I have already had to rip back and fix mistakes. I'm glad I am not in a rush.

I have now finished the fourth chart and there are four more to go. The rows will get longer and there will be more of them per chart, too, but now the most interesting part of the pattern begins. The leafy sections start here and I haven't knitted a pattern quite like this before, so I am looking forward to it.

Not much else has happened in the way of knitting, as you can imagine. I am focusing entirely on this wedding shawl and all other WIPs have got to wait. How many things are you currently working on?

Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Wedding Shawl Update: Slow and Steady

It's cast on and looking good.

The RosaFlora knitting pattern consists of 8 charts and I am right in the middle of the fourth at this time. I took the photo after the third chart so I have added a little bit more to it since then. Just after I took the photo I noticed that the last few repeats on the left were off! Oh dear. Luckily it was easily fixed and now looks just like it should.

Actually, I have had to rip back and fix mistakes more than usual. I really need to pay close attention to what I am doing. You can imagine how glad I am I started knitting this shawl early! Last night alone I only managed four rows, one of which I ripped back three times...

But it will be worth it because the shawl is stunning. I am looking forward to knitting the rest of it and seeing what it will look like once finished. I will keep you updated with photos - and keep your fingers crossed for no more mistakes!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Dye For Yarn: Blushing Maiden

The yarn for my wedding shawl is here! I bought it from Dye For Yarn, two Germany independent dyers I have ordered from once before.

Their 100% silk yarns look so beautiful on their photos that it is hard to resist them. The pattern I am using for my wedding shawl uses this particular yarn (100% Tussah silk), so I made sure to get it, too.

Choosing a colour was easy: Blushing Maiden is described as a hank of golden cream with a little bit of rose. It looked very slick and shiny on the product photos, which was a little misleading as the yarn isn't that shiny. I had the same experience with the previous two silk yarns I bought there. This colourway isn't really a golden cream either, but it is the same shade I would have had to use if I had chosen undyed silk yarn somewhere else. So all in all it is okay and will make a very nice shawl. The pattern uses just one skein, so I hope the shawl will be big enough.

Let's cast on!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

This Will Take Some Time


This will probably turn out to be the longest ever sock design process. The first sock is now finished, I am not entirely happy with the gusset and ribbed toe section, but all in all it's nice. I especially like the cables on the leg. which were the reason I settled on this new design in the first place. How can you resist these cables? I like how this one cable splits into two individual ones before joining back together again. Very neat.

The second sock is cast on and the ribbing for the cuff is done, but I have to put it aside while working on my wedding shawl. I've got the yarn, I wound it into a ball - now I just need to remember to print out the pattern. In the meantime I'll wash and block this first sock to see how it will look. The yarn isn't ideal for sock knitting, to be honest, so I hope my test knitters will be able to tell me how the pattern works with other 4-ply yarns. But that is still far away! First I need to finish the whole pair myself and write out the pattern properly. (I will also buy new design software so I can make charts again.)

So how has your crafty week been? Did you start something new?

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Wedding Shawl Decision

Image: Romi Hill

Those who know me, know how hard it is for me to make a final decision. About anything. I will often choose one thing, only to change my mind again soon after. This is a problem when it comes to buying yarn and this time it was also an issue trying to decide on which shawl I would knit for my wedding.

After posting my top 4 choices recently, I realised that even my absolute favourite wasn't entirely right. This bothered me and after deciding that, no, I am not going to design a shawl for the occasion, I had a look through Ravelry yet again and very quickly came upon RosaFlora by Romi Hill. I saw it and fell in love with it straight away - and yet I didn't buy it. It took another week for me to go ahead and make the purchase, and only after I found a suitable yarn. 

Now, yarn was a big issue as well. I knew I wanted 100% silk, but none was available in pure white. Luckily, the shawl pattern calls for a particular silk yarn from Dye for Yarn so I had a look at their store again. To my surprise, I found a pretty hank of golden cream and rosy pink that I hope will look wonderful and match the colour theme. Watch this space for photos once the yarn arrives!

I assumed, judging from the shawl pattern and pictures, that the yarn is a gradient, but I am not convinced that that's the case, actually. The product description doesn't say so, so I hope I won't be too disappointed. I will just have to wait and see what it's like when it arrives. (It is a nice touch that this yarn is coming from my home country, coincidentally.)

Have any of you knitted this shawl before? I like Romi Hill's patterns and have known about them for years. However, I don't think I ever knitted any of them.