Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tricolour Neck Warmer

The herringbone neck warmer is finished and ready to be washed and blocked before making it to the shop.
It is really nice and warm and just the right height too and not itchy at all as far as I can tell. The material is a nice soft merino and the zigzag herringbone pattern makes the fabric look interesting too.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Advent Calendar Scarf KAL 2012

This year the third Advent Calendar Scarf KAL is taking place on Ravelry and beyond. Last year I saw a few people knitting it and I thought it was a neat idea to knit a portion of the pattern day after day from Dec 1 - 24. In the end you have a finished scarf to wear just in time for Christmas. 

You can join the official Ravelry group here where you get all the info and help you need, including the daily patterns. The group is in German and English and currently it is buzzing with excitement and conversations about yarn choices and decision: Beads or no beads? Long or short scarf? Wide or narrow? You can also find the links to the scarf patterns of the past two years there so you can get an idea of what this year's scarf will look like.

Come and join the fun!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Polwarth or Not Polwarth? That Is the Question.

At the moment I am doing something for myself again and spinning up a braid of lovely, incredibly soft and silky fibre. Sadly, I do not know what fibre it is! That's a bit annoying. It all got a bit confusing because the fibre I was originally supposed to get got lost in the post twice. The third time it was dispatched, it finally arrived, but since the original order could not be replicated, instead of one merino braid in a particular colourway, I got two very different braids in very different colours. I can't complain though, they feel wonderful. So fine! And the staple length is excellent as well at over 10 cm. I was told that these two braids are something more special than ordered and I suspect they are actually Polwarth. Since I never tried it before, I can't be absolutely sure. 

Yesterday I started spinning up the first braid (the one with the earthy shades) and was very surprised by how wonderfully it spins up. No fuss at all! I am making a fairly fine single to later turn into a 2-ply lace yarn, as usual. It's great not to have to watch your hands all the time and to just spin something up fairly quickly. I am thoroughly enjoying this!

Speaking of spinning, I finally finished spinning up the three randomly dyed merino fibres (a total of 50g) from long ago. I had used dyes that just weren't working for me and had to re-dye them, which unfortunately led to a slightly felted fibre. Spinning it up was horrible and I hated it. I was so glad to get done with it and surprisingly the yarn turned out very well. Especially the turquoise one is very soft against the skin. 
So now I am knitting it up to make a small cowl to sell in the shop. By now I have made more prgress with it and am almost done. I love the herringbone zigzag pattern!
I look forward to seeing it once it's washed and blocked.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Interview on Chanelled Creations

Today is a very exciting day! Ana from Chanelled Creations has interviewed me as her Featured Artist on her blog this week. You can read all about what I make, how I came to sell my products in the first place, and a little about my creative process too. 

I can't promise that all your questions will be answered, but there is certainly a lot of information that I would not have supplied had I not been made to sit down and think about the interview questions. It certainly made me think more about what I am doing, and that's a good thing. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Etsy Update: Pink Charm Bracelet

This pink charm bracelet with glass beads, heart charms, "Made with love" charm, and rose quartz beads tinkles like little bells while you wear it. It reminds me of those Indian ankle bracelets that we used to have when I was little. I love the sound and was surprised to hear this beaded bracelet recreate that sound.

The bracelet is 21 cm long, but it can be adjusted in regular intervals if you prefer a narrower fit. As always, the bracelet comes with a small chocolate brown organza bag, ready for gift giving.

Check it out at AbsoKnittingLutely!

PS: The blueberry muffin and acorn necklaces are now available in the shop too.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Killing 3: Even More Jumpers

Are you ready for the start of The Killing 3 tonight on BBC 4? I certainly am. I was sad to read that this is going to be the last series. I've enjoyed following Sarah Lund around Denmark and trying to figure out who the killers are. It's been gripping every time and I never really knew for sure who'd done it. Somehow, I even managed to knit while reading subtitles. At one point I even forgot that I don't actually understand Danish and that I'd better get back to read along again.
This is my favourite jumper from the series, though I can't decide if I prefer it in blue or off-white. I am sorely tempted to knit it one day! Maybe I should buy the DVDs one day and just knit the jumper as I am watching all three series. I wonder if I would be done by the end of it all!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Etsy: Cosy Chunky Beret

My friend Verena was kind enough to let me use her as a model for my chunky white beret, so we had an improvised photo session in Little Southgate, Bath, while window shopping. It was improvised, though it wasn't meant to be: I warned her I would need to take the pictures and I even remembered to pack the beret (quite an achievement considering I have a brain like a sieve these days), but... I left my camera at home. 
Thanks to the magic of modern mobile phones, however, we managed to take pictures after all. I am glad we did and I am especially happy that Verena agreed to model the beret because it definitely looks better on someone with long hair. My short crop is absolutely pointless for this purpose.

The beret is now available at AbsoKnittingLutely.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Etsy: Making Jewellery

At the moment I seem to be having a busy creative phase, so while I am knitting the Knotty gloves as a fingerless version to keep me warm in our very cold flat, I am also making jewellery in the evenings.
For the past two nights I have made necklaces and bracelets from a variety of beads including semiprecious stones, glass, the occasional plastic bead, and in one case even polymer clay. They have all turned out really well and I am keen to make more. (The blue bracelet featured above is now available here.)

I am particularly happy with the blue acorn cap necklace made from a real acorn cap and beads. I would like to try and make some more at a later date too. The muffin necklace turned out well too. Originally, the muffin was part of a stitch marker set, but I thought it was too big for anyone to use it in their knitting. As  apiece of fun jewellery it is much nicer. The pink bracelet has a wonderful sound to it: when it moves, the silver hearts sound like little bells. 

Soon I will have to take pictures of the last two bracelets I made in white and natural tones. Making them in the middle of the night meant I had absolutely no light for photos, of course.

Right, now I better get back to knitting those fingerless gloves!

Monday, 5 November 2012

A Spare Ball of Yarn

After finishing my Woodland Hoodlet a long time ago, I was left with a random ball of Rowan Big Wool. I had no idea what to make from it other than a hat, but as I had only just made the perfect hat around the same time I wasn't going to make another for myself. So last week I decided to knit a hat to sell in my shop.

Easier said than done! I think I frogged a number of different hats 5 times in total until I finally ended up with a simple classic beret. It looks good and I hope to take pictures with someone modelling it soon. Unfortunately, berets do not suit me at all!
It's the right weather for hats now and we even had some snow yesterday. Of course it has all melted away again now and the sun is shining. There is no way I am leaving the house without a hat though!