Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's Easter Time

And that means it is also time for Easter patterns. Mochimochi Land has published a free pattern for teenie-tiny baby bunnies. Even I could not resist them, so I made two within just a few minutes. I might just make some more later on.

These will probably be the only thing by way of Easter decoration I will have. Yesterday I finished dying eggs with the German Easter egg dye I miss here in the UK, but doing anything more seemed a bit pointless as we will be on holiday over Easter (and I didn't realise till the plans were more or less finalised, duh). So these little bunnies are just the right thing this year!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fyberspates Yarn and an Annoying Stole

At this week's knitting club I finally gave in and bought a skein of Fyberspates lace in cherry red. I love how soft this yarn is and I had more use for the laceweight rather than the stunning chunky yarn, though I hope to get that as a birthday present (fingers crossed).

Since I have a lot of favourite lace patterns saved on Ravelry, I had a lot to choose from too. In the end, I decided on Print o' the Wave. I am still not too sure if that was a good idea or not! So far I have only knitted two repeats of the centre panel and I keep ending up with an extra stitch at the end of two rows. I have no idea why this happens because I am following the pattern thoroughly. Also, when I test knitted the pattern in a smaller version, it worked fine. So at the moment I am just keeping on and have to k2tog at the end of those two rows. I am hoping it won't mess with the overall pattern and will look fine. At this point it is hard to tell.

At least I have found the errata for the edging I will be knitting at the very end. Let's hope that part won't prove to be even worse to manage!

Friday, 8 April 2011


It took just over a month to finish Pat the teddy. Knitting the separate parts was not what took me so long; instead, it was the assembling of limbs I kept putting off.

The trouble with eyelash yarn is that if you make a mistake, it is almost impossible to undo it. Also, you have to be very brave when sewing the limbs onto the body because whatever you do, that's the way it will have to stay. Because this yarn is so fuzzy, you cannot see where you are stitching, so you better hope you are getting it right the first time!

So, at last I risked it at this week's knitting club. Luckily, Pat turned out to be cuter than I expected. Especially his face is so much nicer than the picture on the knitting kit indicated. One leg is a bit wonky (i.e. the foot is pointing to the side instead of up for some reason) and Pat, alas, is a hunchback - but all in all he turned out well and seems quite sturdy and happy to be here.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jaywalker Socks

It took me more than two years to finally get around to making these socks! I was waiting for the right yarn and was lucky enough to receive this one from a friend as a Secret Santa gift from the US. The yarn is Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo and Ewe Pattern (colourway 2280), which I happen not to be able to get in the UK, it seems. A few people at the knitting club have commented on the yarn and I have had to disappoint them because I haven't found a place here that sells it.

The pattern itself is very simple and straightforward so that you can knit it while watching TV or doing whatever else will keep you occupied. You really need stripy yarn to bring out the zigzag pattern. I used 2.5 mm DPNs and only knit the small size socks despite having very wide feet. The needle suggestion for this yarn was smaller, so choosing slightly larger needles was the right decision for me.

So what's up next? I'm not entirely sure. I still have to sew the teddy together, which I am reluctant to do because the eyelash yarn means I can't actually see what I am doing. I don't want to ruin it - once I've made a stitch, that's it, I can't undo it because I can't see it. So far, the teddy looks really good and I especially like its face which turned out much better than I expected. Apart from this, I may start a tank top with a new yarn I bought from Ann at the knitting club. It probably isn't enough even for a tank, but you never know. And finally, there is still the cast-on edge of a jumper I started a bit ago. Hm, decisions, decisions.