Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Review: Knit Your Own Royal Wedding (Fiona Goble)

To win the book, I was asked to write a review of it. Here is what I wrote on the Waterstone's website:

Nice Souvenir

21 March 2011

This is a fun book, whether you intend to actually knit any of the dolls or not. It is a nice little souvenir to commemorate the royal wedding and if you are so inclined you can go ahead and knit a number of royals, footmen, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and even a few corgies.

On the whole, the dolls are easy to knit, though most of the time is taken up by the embellishments which make them really stand out and give them character. The book is divided into different chapters that feature certain dolls and represent the stages of, for instance, the engagement, the ceremony at the altar, and the kiss on the balcony. What's more, the boom includes a cardboard balcony you can use as a backdrop for your knitted characters.

You can knit characters of your own choice, even yourself, with a little tweaking. There are a few patterns for random dresses, suits and hats to give you something to start with.

It is nice to have the book, as I said, as a souvenir, which is what makes it special. If it had been a book only about a variety of random dolls, it wouldn't be anything special at all. This is more of a book for knitters who very much enjoy knitting small toys, of course. For me, being a knitter who prefers making items of clothing, it is a book I am happy with as a gift, but I wouldn't ever buy.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Competition Win!

I don't think I have ever won a competition, certainly not in recent years. Occasionally I do take part in some, though to be fair they tend to be writing competitions more than anything else. When Waterstones announced a competition on Facebook that merely required you to post a picture of something you have knitted, I took part. Despite the fact that the prize was a copy of Knit Your Own Royal Wedding. Still, I am thrilled that I was one of the winners and I only just found out by chance when I checked back to see if anything had been announced.

Once the book is here, of course I will write more about it.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kai-Mei - Done (ish)!

Good God, I'm glad it's done! That said, it may not be because even though I have finally finished knitting these socks after having had to basically knit one sock all over again, I realised while taking these pictures that one cuff is a little longer than the other. I have no idea how that is possible because I used a row counter all the way through. At the moment, I am not sure if I will undo the sock all over again or perhaps find another way to lengthen the cuff without unravelling everything.

Since this is a Cookie A design, I had expected the socks to be more comfortable than they turned out to be. What I like about her designs is that foot fit, especially at the heel. Here, too, the heel is a great fit, but due to the twisting pattern in the foot, it feels a little awkward and I keep wanting to rearrange the toe.

Other than all that I do like these socks. They were easy and fun to knit and I look forward to making some more of Cookie A's designs. I've already had to extend my library loan so I could keep her book a bit longer. I really need to get new ink cartridges for my printer/copier so I can take out what I want.

So now I haven't really got anything else to knit. There is the teddy I started, but I still have no idea what to do with the green fine 3-ply. I am hoping to find a suitable yarn for my jumper and may get lucky this evening at the knitting club meeting. Other than that things are pretty boring in the knitting department right now. I guess I might as well try extending the cuff of these Kai-Mei then.

Update: In the end, I undid the cast-on of the cuff, picked up the stitches and added 10 rows so that I now have a pair of socks that are exactly the same length. Huzzah!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Day of Fails

Ah well, it is not my day today.

First, I realised that I made a huge mistake in the second Kai-Mei sock. For some reason I misplaced the lace section and did not realise it until I was about to start on the toe. Soooo rip went half the sock. Onwards and upwards.

Then, I ventured into town to visit the local yarn shop to look for suitable yarn for the Emmaline jumper. I've finally found a top that looks like a quick and easy start into the mysteries of jumper knitting and what happens? Yup, that specified yarn is not available in the UK and it looks like anything with cotton does not come in the weight I need. Hurrah. Who knows if I will ever get to knit it now.

And finally, I managed to torture myself with all the lovely yarns that I would love to buy, but, being the sensible type, I left the shop without any of it. *sigh*