Saturday, 26 September 2009

Book: Sensual Knits

Now that The Knitter has disappointed me yet again, I felt no qualms when I found Yahaira Ferreira's book Sensual Knits and bought it instead. I'd seen it before in exactly the same shop, but that was before I lost weight and none of the patterns were near enough to my size. So when I saw the book again this week and saw it was the last copy left for only £3.99, I couldn't resist any longer.

Some of the patterns are my current new size or very close to it, so that I am very excited about knitting some of the items and starting a first big project or wearable tops. I have scanned the most interesting images of things I would like to knit once I can afford the luxury yarns required for the projects:

The Vixen Camisole didn't catch my eye at first, but after a while it grew on me. It couldbe very nice in summer, perhaps with a simple shrug of some sort. I may well give it a try and perhaps make a longer version as a nighty.

Speaking of nighties, the above image is the silky negligee that was reprinted in The Knitter some months back. I'd love to give it a try, though I will have to adjust the size to make it fit me. For some reason, all the dresses in the book are in small sizes so I shall either have to adjust them or wait till I can fit into them.

The silken cowl tank is another item that did not interest me at first glance, but I love the colour and the garment looks very lovely in this yarn. I may knit it, especially as it is very simple to do, and wear it with something to cover up my arms. Since I am starting a new job on Monday, I have been thinking of clothes fit for the office, and I think this could be one.

The Sayuri jumper would probably be perfect for me. I am undecided about the sleeves now that I have seen other people's projects on Ravelry, where the sleeves weren't always flattering. I shall have to experiment and see for myself. The yarn is especially soft and seems to shimmer, but I have looked up the price and don't think I shall be able to get it - unfortunately, that's what I fear will be the fate of pretty much all the suggested yarns in the book. Still, I am sure there are some nice substitutes.

Ramona is a very boring jumper, to be honest, but it seems simple enough and a better fit for me than even Sayuri's design. With a few adjustments to make it more interesting - for instance, a change of colour and the addition of some lace - I could well imagine myself wearing it and looking good in it too.

Cable has always been a strange thing for me. I dislike it, deep down, but sometimes there are items that look really stunning with a cable design. Also, I do not like heavily cabled items, but this Moss Cable cardigan seems ideal to me. It may well end up being my first project, simply because it should be a relatively fast knit, and I have been looking for a new cardigan for years now since I only have one. I would knit it in Merino yarn, like the original, but in a more flattering colour that will suit me better.

Wraps are a new passion for me ever since I knit the first lace shawl. The Cleopatra wrap seems perfect - it is simply, yet elegant, just the way I like my clothes most of the time. The yarn is beautiful too, so maybe I will even buy the one used in the image above. Again, I shall have to find a nicer shade.

Betty is something much simpler: a vest like that would probably be the quickest knit and it is just what I need for work as well. Still, it seems to be less interesting to knit, so that I won't be making it first. I'd like to give it a try one day and see how I get on with it. I think this may need modifications and some lace instead of cable, or some more distinct cabling elsewhere. We shall see.

And, finally, this is the cover image that interested me from the beginning. It is the balloon sleeve jacket (somehow I didn't notice the balloon sleeves till much later and I am not sure I am keen on them, to be honest) and what appeals to me is the classic look. I have no idea if this would suit me in the end since jackets of this kind usually don't, but I may yet try it anyway. I would use the same colour as well, though probably a cheaper yarn. Who said knitting was cheap?

Apart from the featured items here, there are a few other ones I am not yet sure about. They are simpler and/or less suitable for me and mostly the colours don't manage to catch my attention. Perhaps they will grow on me as well, who knows? I am happy to say, however, that this book has been a very worthwhile purchase already and I would very much rather buy books like this one instead of another personally useless issue of The Knitter.