Friday, 1 May 2009

Bamboo Baby Blanket

Steffi is having her baby at the end of July so this baby blanket will reach her a little early, but I am sure she will like it no matter when it arrives. It is the first blanket I ever made and I like the simple pattern that still remains interesting enough both to look at and to knit. The feather and fan pattern would come out more if I blocked the blanket, but I decided not to because it is a practical blanket that will probably have to endure quite a few washes.
  • 4 mm DPNs
  • 2oo g King Cole Bamboo Cotton, colourway 531, dye lot 63916
  • rowcounter

The cotton and bamboo blend was incredibly nice to work with. It is such a nice summer yarn that I wished I could knit a top with it in time for summer. Bamboo Cotton comes in 8 different shades of which I liked the purple best. I can imagine knitting something light and lacy with it, though it won't be happening this summer.

I used a free pattern that you can find here. It's not much of a pattern as such since you don't really need one. All you have to know is the 4-row repeat that you will be knitting till the blanket is long enough. It's a nice and easy project for knitting while watching TV or listening to the radio and the result looks lovely in its simplicity.