Monday, 30 March 2009

Very British

Bear with me while I try to figure out how to add pics from this computer which doesn't seem to allow me to do things as usual.


  • 85 g Sugar 'n Cream, colourway 19605
  • a bit of spare Sugar 'n Cream Stripes for the string and bobbles, colourway 23143
  • 5 mm circs
  • row counter

This tea cosy is the first project I finished since my move to England and how fittingly British it is! I used the Rosie Posy Tea Cosy pattern from The Knitter as a guide though I certainly didn't stick to it. It was useful as a general outline of what I wanted to do. Basically, my tea cosy is merely a ribbed tube with two slits in it for handle and spout. That's it. I pulled yarn through the top and added bobbles for decoration, so it was a very quick and easy knit. I wasn't sure whether it would work well for keeping tea warm as it seems to be rather thin despite the thick cotton yarn. I am happy to say that it does work nicely and that I had warm tea for a change all evening yesterday.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

WIP: Hibernating Handbag

The handbag is almost done now, but since I have already packed everything for my move to England, the bag had to go into the suitcase as well. Once I've settled, I shall block the bag, sew the lining and add the handles. That is all that's left to be done and I am looking forward to completing it.

The heart-shape cushion is suffering an even worse fate because I can't take it with me at all for now. I am hoping it will be sent to me soon. It's a pity that I don't have a larger suitcase - though mine is already big enough and I have difficulty lifting it. The rest of my knitting is packed except for my two knitting books, which I just can't fit in anywhere and are simply too heavy anyway.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Not Without My Handbag

The hairdresser may have ruined my hair, but at least I can take my mind off it by knitting this wonderful handbag. Yes, even though the pattern is from The Knitter's cushion covers featured in issue 1, I decided to turn it into a handbag instead. Since I still have the handles that were included in the knitting set Mark's mum sent me and I never knew what on earth to do with this fuchsia cotton yarn, this has turned out to be the perfect project for both.
At first it took me ages to knit only a few rows, especially because the bobbles took a long time to do. By now, however, the knitting is easier and quite a bit faster so that I may well finish the bag before my move to England, which I never expected. This is my first project from The Knitter and I am looking forward to trying some more at a later date.
The bag is looking very good so far, but I shall probably have to block t a little bit since the corners seem a bit curly. I am not sure this yarn will block easily, but I shall give it a try anyway.

Friday, 6 March 2009

A Short Woodland Journey

Well, that was nice, if all too brief. It turns out I had less yarn than I thought, which resulted in an extremely short Woodland shawl that I can just about wrap around my neck. It is a good think it is so wide, which makes it a comfortable wear. I love it though: the pattern design is beautiful and just the kind of leafy lace I like. At a later point I would like to knit the shawl again in a lightly variegated thicker yarn.
  • some leftover Merino extrafein from the Hamburger Wollfabrik, colourway 610 (burgundy)
  • 4 mm circs
  • row counter
  • tapestry needle
  • wire, pins and grandma's sofa for blocking
I had feared that the pattern may not come out as well as it did in the end. It is the lightest, laciest Woodland I have seen so far and I am very happy with its look after blocking. Mind you, even before blocking it looked lovely! After only two lace shawls I definitely know I really enjoy knitting these fine projects...
... though you wouldn't know it judging from my face (it's been a horrible week).