Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Holiday Time means Knitting Time

I am back from very windy, very cold Brighton!

Mark and I spent nearly a full week at the seaside to celebrate my 40th (no idea how that happened). While I had no intention of taking any knitting along, the prospect of spending a 4-hour train journey with idle hands changed my mind.

Believe it or not, I finally finished my Pixelated Pullover just before the mini-heatwave this April (details to follow in a later post). This freed me up to knit something new and I promptly cast on… *drum roll*… another jumper. This one is for Mark, though, and is basically the same I just finished, but in another size and with stripes instead of pixels. You’d never know I was sick and tired of my jumper just a little while ago.

Still, no longer having my long-term WIP on the needles made me want to start something smaller, too. Luckily, my first hank of Opus from WalcotYarns arrived and I decided to reknit my Smaug socks that fell prey to moths a while back. They made for perfect travel knitting, too, and I am happy to report I knitted on all but one of the days I spent in Brighton.

So has finishing Pixelated got the knitting juices flowing again? I hope so! I just hope I didn’t speak to soon.

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