Sunday, 8 April 2018

Make! Craft Britain

Make Craft Britain
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

Last night I got sucked into Make! Craft Britain, the 3-part BBC Four series all about crafting. Have you seen it?

I noticed the trailers, but completely forgot about it all. If you've missed it, you can still catch up on iPlayer, and I heartily recommend it!

You will see a variety of crafts, with groups of beginners learning to knit, make mosaics, create silver clay jewellery, cross-stitch and more. In between, advanced crafters show their makes and briefly talk about why they do what they do. 

Highlights include:

Beautiful mosaics, including one based on a Lowry painting
A baker's silver mini-croissant
Traditional letterpress printing (reminded me of my internship at a printers in 1997)

I very much enjoyed this show. Before watching it, I was worried it would turn out to be just another craft show like Kirstie's Handmade Christmas, but this was so much better. The focus lies on the new crafters, there is no host guiding you through the show, and the voice-overs are pleasant and non-intrusive. There is no hyperbole or overly excited screeching, which is a nice change. Also, there is a good mix of men and women, both when it comes to teachers and learners. I loved that! The whole show makes for relaxed viewing and is informative and motivating at the same time.

Because I was keen to watch the knitting workshop in episode 3, that's where I started watching. In the same episode, we are also introduced to mosaics and, to my surprise, Mark, my totally uncrafty husband, said he would quite like to try making mosaics! Hm, a possible gift idea?

If you've watched Make! and want to talk about it, comment here or tweet me @KnittyNadia

On the BBC Four website, you will find more information about the show, including tutorials, so have a look if you enjoyed the show.

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