Saturday, 29 July 2017

5 Questions to Ask a Knitter

Knitters get asked  lot of questions and especially beginning knitters like to know what wisdom the more seasoned ones amongst us can share. So let me answer five of the most common questions today:

1. What if I run out of yarn?

Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Haha! Ha! 

Stop it. You never will. Your stash will be bigger than Trump and May's inflated egos combined. It will be as endless as time and space. Your storage box, closet, cupboard and/or spare room will be like your very own TARDIS. Your yarn will outlive you.

2. What kind of knitting needles do I need?

All of them. Ever single kind in every single size. Ideally multiples. You know, just in case you loose one or want to cast on the fifth project and all other needles in that size are already in use. And when you think you have enough, get some spares just in case, in all available colours. Oh, and don't just stick to one brand because you need to make sure you find the perfect set just for you.

3. How do I avoid mistakes?

Don't even try. You'll drop stitches, read the pattern wrong, create the weirdest stitch patterns and realise it's all futile anyway. But don't despair. Unpick, tink and pull up those stitches and carry on. It's going to happen again, so you might as well embrace it. Knitters are great problem solvers - and occasionally throw knitting into a corner in a rage. It's ll part of the process.

4. I won't take my knitting on holiday with me. What should I do instead?

I don't understand. You're obviously in need of this holiday because you're not thinking clearly. If you decided to leave your knitting behind (Why???), you're in luck. I bet your holiday destination has at least one yarn shop or general craft shop. Go! Do not waste another minute! Get your hands on some yarn, needles and any notions you might need. Bonus: You'll have the best kind of souvenir a knitter could possibly have.

5. Seriously. You're exaggerating, right?

Nope. If only.

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