Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Making of a Unicorn

Unicorns are everywhere these days and as I work with a unicorn-mad colleague, I often hear about the latest unicorn-themed recipes, smoothies and other weird products. In turn, I send her the latest info on unicorn products from Germany and translate recipes she might like. "It's all happening in Germany," she keeps saying because there seems to be no end to unicorn chocolates, drinks and even, as I recently discovered, sweet-scented toilet paper with unicorn print. Why we need any of that, I don't know, but it's fun!

So when I heard that Simply Knitting published its latest issue with a unicorn knitting kit, of course I had to buy it for her. Over Easter I kept my needles busy with a creature that actually came out looking the way it should. (Apart from a problem with different lengths of hair, but that sorted itself out in the end.) It worked so well that I plan to knit another one for myself sometime.

I was really excited to give the toy to my colleague, but I had to wait for three very long days because problems with the trains meant she couldn't get to work till the end of the week. I placed the unicorn on her desk while she was away and fashioned a little diary for it, complete with entries about how it was looking forward to meet her.

And of course she loved it! She'd been feeling down lately, which I didn't even know, so the unicorn came just at the right time. As I said, it's a magical creature. It comes to you just when you need it. Feed it Skittles and it will keep you company for a long time.


  1. Feed it rainbow skittles, I presume ;-)

  2. Haha it definitely eats Skittles to end up with such an awesome mane! :)