Sunday, 2 April 2017

Samite Silk Blend (AKA: Of Course There's Room In My Stash)

Blacker Yarns Samite Silk Blend

And here I thought I was safe from impulsive yarn purchases. (Cue hysterical laughter from knitters around the world.)

Blacker Yarns have tempted me with their brand new Samite Silk Blend which impressed me not only with the fact that it contains silk, one of my favourite materials to knit with, but with its pre-Raphaelite colours. The yarn consists of 30% Blue-faced Leicester, 40% Shetland, cruelty-free 20% Ahimsa silk, and 10% fibre from Blacker’s own Gotland flock.

I had a difficult time choosing colours and had to think hard about what I would use the yarn for. I have lots of single or double skeins for shawls in my stash, so I didn't want to add to them. In the end I decided I could use Samite to knit a short-sleeved top for spring and autumn (and possibly cooler summer days). Wisely, I did not think about when I would actually get around to knitting it. (Ignore the half-finished first jumper of mine, please.) This 3-ply yarn should be ideal for a light top: it has drape, feels cool to the touch, and the silk keeps it from being too woolly. To me it feels like a summer yarn, actually.

Blacker Samite 3-ply yarn

In the end, I chose colours that deviate from my usual choice. I picked Peacock's Neck (blue), Swallow's Soar (light blue) and Tide of Dreams (sage green). Admittedly, the colours looked a bit more vibrant to me on the site, so I was a little disapointed with them. Maybe I should have stuck with my favourite colours after all, but these will knit up nicely into a multicoloured top. 

Even though I know I want to knit a top, I don't actually have a suitable pattern. I scoured Ravelry and couldn't find anything I liked in my size, so I may improvise a bit. I would like to add some chevrons to the design, using the light blue and sage green on a blue background. This could get interesting! 

Stick around for a few years and I am sure you will see the results. Well, okay, I shall try to hurry, but there's still that jumper to finish first.

Blacker Yarns Samite in three shades

Did you get your hands on Samite, too? What do you think of it and, most of all, what will you knit? Let me know in the comments.

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