Sunday, 26 March 2017

Nothing Better Than Yarn and a Cup of Tea

The sun is shining and spring is in the air. Sunday is my lazy day so what could be better than squishing some yarn and having a cup of tea? 

You may have read the review of my silver hank of Puyu recently. Amano, the company that created this yarn, saw my review and loved it so much that they got in touch with me and sent me two hanks in a lush caramel as a thank you. All the way from Peru! I am very grateful for this lovely surprise. They even included a mug because not only do they understand our love of knitting, but they also realise that a good mug of tea makes the world a little better - at least for a while.

I plan to use the silver and caramel to knit a fluffy hat for next autumn and winter. I feel like doing a bit of colourwork so watch this space! The caramel should look lovely as a colour accent amid the silver. A Scandinavian star pattern or some chevrons will probably look best - and there must be a pompom, of course. I will have a look around Ravelry before I cast on, but if there is nothing suitable, I still have some stitch libraries to go through on my book shelf.

If you are wondering what I am drinking, it's a black tea with mango that I ordered from my favourite German tea shop, Tee Gschwendner. It's called Mango Indica and I totally forgot I still had some of it here. Today felt just like the kind of day for my favourite cuppa.

This mug is simple and pretty at the same time. I really love the illustration showing a woman looking towards the Andes. This art work is typical of the Amano brand and you can see it on their website as well as on the yarn labels. I didn't mention it in my review, but the pretty cloud illustrations on the Puyu labels complement the squishy wool and add to the overall impression of rich, covetable yarn.

In a way, the illustrations carry with them an air of the unfamiliar, in a good way. They feel Peruvian and create a yearning for this country most of us are unlikely to ever see for ourselves. By knitting with this yarn, it's almost as though you are knitting a piece of Peru into your life. And that, to me, is a wonderful thought.


  1. Oooh, chainette and fluffy? I'll have to keep a look out for that one.

    1. It's well worth giving a go. I don't normally like alpaca, but this is wonderful stuff.