Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sock Wash and Sort Out

Perhaps the best thing to do to ease back into everyday life after being ill for over a week is to give your knitted socks a wash. Even though I am not fond of washing my socks by hand, it is something that needs to be done - and I will forever be grateful for the existence of no-rinse wool wash. Please tell me I am not the only one who doesn't look forward to this! Anyway, I've finally washed all the socks that have been waiting for over two weeks so now my collection is complete again and ready to be worn. 

Having had a look at my big bag of socks, there are quite a few that are no longer in the best shape and some don't fit anymore. It's probably time to unravel them and knit new ones. I am finding it hard to do that, though, because a lot of work went into each pair. But then why hold on to a pair that doesn't fit and will only lie about in the bag, never to be worn again?

Some of the yarns are too nice to just be thrown away. I am also very fond of some patterns and might reknit those despite never knitting the same thing twice. It's a shame that some of my favourites  especially have shrunk a bit in the wash!

What do you do with old knitted socks? Do they end up in the bin or do you try to salvage the yarn? How frequently do you have a sort out?

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  1. This was interesting and reminds me that I have a rather large pile of socks waiting for exactly the same treatment. Worse than yours because I wash my daughter's socks too, and she wears handknut socks every day. I promise to tackle them today, lol.

    I always handwash socks in woolwash, then just give them a quick spin in a lingerie bag to get some of the water out before hanging them on a rack.

    I haven't had any socks wear out, though I do have a few pairs that don't fit as well as they could. I'm keeping them together until I decide what to do with them. I'll probably frog them in the end. I never have a problem with frogging projects that are no longer worn. I once frogged and reknit a shawl in one month because dd and I weren't keen on the first one. And I frogged and reused a sweaters quantity twice when the first two garments just didn't suit.