Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Opal Advent Calendar: The Final Six

Opal Advent Calendar 2016 on Absoknittinglutely

Hello again! I hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday today and had a wonderful Christmas. Are you like me at this time of year? I have no idea what day of the week it is or the exact date because Christmas was filled with a lot of excitement, rest, mindfulness and a distinct lack of routine.

No wonder I am late showing you what I found in my Opal Advent Calendar the last 6 days. In the past week, the calendar felt noticeably lighter and I held on to the hope that a mini-skein of red sock yarn would be somewhere in there. Well, there is no really red skein, but I did get one that was close. I now have 26 little skeins of yarn that I can't wait to cast on even though I feel I should probably get back to my jumper from last year... One little skein won't hurt, though, I'm sure, and besides: I haven't knitted a single stitch this Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing how they all knit up. It is hard to tell because they are multicoloured and I don't think I have used Opal yarn before. 

Once the calendar was empty, I couldn't help but take it apart to see how it was constructed. The yarn was held by 4 cardboard shelves with little cubicles arranged around a hollow centre. The printed sides all slotted together and I noticed that the calendar was made in the German town my grandmother is from. What a nice surprise!

Opal 4-ply sock yarn

I am already looking forward to whatever calendar I choose next year. Maybe it will be a woolly one again because it was a lot of fun and the contents are useful for some of my projects. Or maybe I will go for something entirely different, who knows? Luckily, there is lots of time to decide.

Enjoy your last days of the year!


  1. Aaah, those skeins have such lovely colours! Do you know what you'll be making with all the skeins? I think I'll finally be getting a yarny advent calendar as well next year, I just like the idea so much!

    1. I've just started knitting some more hexipuffs, using these skeins. That should keep me going for a while! Given how many colours there are, it won't get boring, I hope.

      I can't wait to see what kind of calendars will be out next year! If you get a woolly one, I hope you blog about it so I can be jealous.