Sunday, 4 December 2016

Opal Advent Calendar 2016

I could not resist. This year I was simply too tempted by calendars different from the usual chocolate-filled variety and when I saw that something like a woolly calendar actually existed - a knitter's dream!-, I had to have it. I didn't hesitate even though the price would have put me off at any other time. At up to £55 this isn't a calendar you can just buy without being sure you want to spend that kind of money.

The Opal Advent calendar is filled with 24 mini-skeins of sock-weight yarn. I think they are perfect for knitters working on the Beekeper's Quilt, which is what I will be using mine for. As it is 4th December, I have now opened four of the doors. Every day you get a little skein of yarn in a different colourway. Each mini-skein has a festive band around it with a different design. I've now had a snowman, a house, baubles and stars, and all skeins have been mixed colours. I'd like there to also be some solid coours, but I suspect there probably aren't any.

It is exciting to see what's behind each door and I like knowing that what I am getting will come in handy for a project. So in a way this calendar lasts you quite a bit longer than the chocolate kind - it's a gift that keeps on giving. Here I can keep the yarn and knit it into something and the finished project will still be around afterwards.

The calendar itself is in the shape of a cube. It is quite large so I am having to move it from place to place every day because I have nowhere to keep it. The yarn is behind doors on four sides of the cube that each have a different festive design. The cube is very sturdy and made of thick cardboard so it doesn't get damaged in transit if bought online. There is a handle on the top for you to carry it. I suppose you could even hang it from the ceiling if you wanted to. 

I may well buy another one of these next year because I am enjoying the suspense so much. Let me know if there are any other kinds of Advent calendars for knitters! It's such a fantastic idea.


  1. This is a lovely idea. I don't have a knitterly calendar, but my daughter got us a Yankee Candle one with a little scented tea light for each day. Yesterday's was vanilla, a real favourite of mine, and the room smelled lovely as I sat working on some socks. So maybe sort of knitting related.

    1. At least two friends of mine have your calendar, too. One wasn't happy, but everyone else seems to love it. I am also tempted by tea calendars so maybe I'll have to get my hands on one next year. There seem to be quite a few out there. Have a wonderful Advent!

  2. I was again SO tempted to buy this calendar this year but the price did put me off again. So if you don't mind I'm going to pretend I bought it anyway by enjoying the pictures you'll be posting :)