Sunday, 27 November 2016

Knitted Advent Wreaths

Knitted Advent wreaths

Happy first Advent!

Advent wreaths don't seem to be well known in the UK, but they are essential in Germany. I haven't had one since I moved to England 7 years ago and I miss the tradition every year. So this time I decided to get all the components and make one myself. It is a traditional ring of fir branches, decorated with pine cones, berries and little baubles. There are four candles on it for each of the four Sundays before Christmas. I love it!

Handmade German Advent wreath

As knitters, you have probably heard of knitted wreaths so I thought I'd show you my favourite four. Enjoy!

Do you have an Advent wreath as well? Or do you make Christmas wreaths, knitted or otherwise?


  1. Advent wreaths are also unknown in France - and it is also very hard to find pine / fir / spruce branches. But over the last six years, I have always managed to find some to make an advent wreath (the one year, I brought back spruce branches from Brussels, this year, they are from Germany), because advent without an advent wreath - not possible!

    I also took mine to my daughter's school one year, to "educate" the French kids about German holiday traditions ;-)

    1. Hi Cornelia! My French colleague didn't know about these wreaths either. It surprised me because I thought it was quite common, especially since France is so close to Germany.

      I really like that you have kept up the tradition and are sharing it with others.