Sunday, 6 November 2016

Just a Little Knitting Pick-Me-Up

Bugs are making the rounds and nearly everyone around me has been ill lately. Unsurprisingly, the flu got me last weekend, just as I was about to get a flu jab, of course. My timing is impeccable. 

To cheer myself up, I browsed A Yarn Story in search of my favourite Soak scent, Celebrate. I put a big bottle in my shopping basket, but of course that wasn't all. Just a few days later a package with all my goodies arrived, individually wrapped, safe and sound.

So apart from wool wash, what did I get? Well! I just had to get my hands on a copy of Ysolda Teague's Little Red in the City, which Kate Atherley of fame recommended when I took her class. The book contains patterns and a lot of help to get you on your way to the perfectly fitted garment. Each garment is shown in standard and plus sizes so you get an idea of what it will look like on you. I love that!

I also enjoyed the mix of regular font, longhand font and sketches. It's not only a useful book, but a pretty one, too. Many of the photos were obviously taken in Edinburgh, which just happens to be my favourite city, so that's another big plus. It will take me a while to get through this book to really appreciate it, but so far I am very happy with it. 

As a treat, I also ordered one of Madelinetosh's Unicorn Tails in jade. I've never used Madelinetosh before, so being able to get such a small amount of yarn was great for a trial run. I cast on some hexipuffs today and have already made three. There should be enough yarn left to knit a fourth so I would definitely buy a Unicorn Tail again to make progress with my Beekeeper's Quilt (going in 5 years now!).

The yarn is beautiful to knit with and very soft. It's a single ply South African superwash merino yarn in an absolutely stunning shade of green. If you were wondering, you get 47 m (52 yards) in one small hank of this Tosh Merino Light yarn.

This haul definitely cheered me up and I don't regret this unplanned splurge at all. Of course I am well again by now and can enjoy my goodies. Do you like to treat yourself to anything when you're poorly? What was your last purchase?


  1. What a lovely little package! I like to do the same, nothing cheers me up like a parcel full of knitting goodies :)

  2. That's my favourite Soak too! I just used it last night, in fact.

    Lately I've been not-quite-ill and worn down, and I did wind up ordering from Amazon, so I suppose it helps me too!