Saturday, 22 October 2016

Christmas May Come Too Soon

Normally, I'd say Christmas cannot come soon enough. I enjoy that time of year and am usually done with Christmas shopping by October. This year is different.

This year I have barely started buying gifts and I am only knitting one Christmas present - and it is one my mother asked for last year already.

Because I was working on my first jumper at the time, I was excited to finish it soon and knew there would be no time to knit anything else. Well, the jumper still isn't done, but this time I need to finish the present first.

My mother was very specific about what she wanted: a black and white striped loop scarf. Finding the right yarn wasn't easy and, as it turns out, the yarn we agreed on last year is no longer available. So thanks to follower power, a quick tweet led me to Zauberball 4-ply instead. It looks like what I think my mother is looking for (fingers crossed).

What I didn't expect was that I would need to use 2 mm needles with this yarn, though. Progress is incredibly slow and I am not entirely sure I will actally get this done in time for Christmas. I may choose a different stitch pattern to speed up the process. I'm not knitting on anything else, no matter how tempted I am to cast on something new. I will finish it! 

I am improvising the scarf and it is going very well. I cast on about 120 stitches or so, am knitting in the round to create a loop made out of a knitted tube, and am using cabled stitches to create vertical stripes for a bit of texture. They look really good and I am enjoying this simple pattern. I am not even halfway through the first ball of yarn - and I have a second one yet to use up.

Are you knitting for Christmas already? Is it going smoothly or are you having difficulties as well?


  1. The scarf sounds lovely. I too am only knitting one Christmas present this year - and it's also black, but with various shades of grey as eyelet inserts. It's the Pwani shawl by Clare Devine which I already knit for myself in green and gold.

    1. The Pwani shawl looks great, I just looked it up on Ravelry. Lately I have been very interested in shawls that use more than just one colour, so this one is right up my street. Good luck with your own Christmas knitting! Yesterday I finally gave in, ripped back this scarf and started another with a lace pattern on 3 mm needles that will be so much faster to make. I'm already much happier with it.