Saturday, 10 September 2016

Wedding Shawl: Update 5

RosaFlora wedding shawl

I am in love with this shawl. RosaFlora took me only one month to knit, a third of the time I had anticipated. This is the first time, if I remember correctly, that I have knitted a shawl without any remaining mistakes. I couldn't resist adding more beads than the pattern called for, so the bind off is decorated with golden glass beads throughout. 

This is a delicate shawl made from pure silk and it is lovely. It is very large, too, even though I didn't block it aggressively and there was still a lot of give in it when I matched the dimensions suggested in the pattern. This is probably the largest shawl I have ever made.

silk beaded wedding shawl

The knitting didn't go as smoothly as hoped at the start, but I managed to fix it all. As I went on, the lace became easier to read and I made fewer mistakes. And, can I just say, stitch markers were essential! 

Then, just as I blocked the shawl, I realised I forgot one single bead in the bind off! Once the piece was dry, I undid part of the bind off to fix it and had to block that part again, but it was easier than I feared it would be. I am really looking forward to wearing this shawl on my wedding day! Only one whole year to wait now...


  1. It's abso-lutely-lovely! So beautiful

  2. Absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful knit.

    1. Thanks, Liz. I definitely recommend this pattern if you enjoy lace knitting.

  3. This is an absolute dream! It's going to be so special wearing it on your big day!