Saturday, 3 September 2016

Feeling the Need For Autumn Knits

Today is a grey rainy day and I am feeling very autumnal. During our weekly shop I had all these ideas of hearty stews and warming bakes that I only get once the leaves start to turn golden. No sign yet of changing leaves, but the temperature has fallen and it is dark and damp. We may yet get a few hot and sunny days, but today it feels like autumn.

Now that my wedding shawl is finished (watch out for the blog post coming up soon), I am thinking about what to knit next. My thoughts have turned to the wonderful 4 hanks of Blacker Yarn's Tamar in DK, but it has been impossible to find a nice shawl pattern for which I can use them all. All shawls that take my fancy are knitted in 4-ply and would be a little too bulky in DK, at times I don't have the right amount of yarn either. I will have to keep looking or come up with my own design, which I was hoping not to do.

Photo by David Fraser
During my search I once again stumbled upon a design that caught my eye as soon as it was published: Karie Westermann's Byatt. I love the two-tone section and am definitely going to knit this shawl at some point. I was hoping to use Tamar for it, but that won't quite work, I think. I am sure I have enough other yarn in my stash, though. 

Due to my pattern search not yielding quite what I was looking for, I returned to an older WIP from last year. You may remember my Pixelated Pullover that was nearly finished. In the end I only had one sleeve left to knit, but realised that there were quite a few things I wish I had done differently. The fit was off in places and I had a very, very huge sleeve. So I put it all aside and didn't feel like continuing. 

I still don't really feel like it because my mind is all about shawls right now, but this is probably the best time to get back into it. It's getting cooler and winter will be here sooner than I'd like, so having the jumper ready (or at least nearing completion) would be great. And so I got it out of its bag, delighted in the fact that the moths left it alone all this time, and started ripping back. Further and further. Row after row. 

Pixelated Pullower

I ripped back until I reached a suitable section from where I should be able to continue easily. That said, I haven't checked if I can find my place in the pattern yet. The jumper odyssey continues!

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