Monday, 29 August 2016

Knitting Inspiration: Autumn Is Coming

I know, I know, it's been pretty hot here lately and I am sure not many of you are thinking about autumn yet. Nevertheless, this is the best time to get ready for some autumn knitting so I have scoured Ravelry once again to bring you the four best seasonal knits to get you in the mood. Of course orange had to feature heavily. I just love how it makes the knits stand out and the colour does make me look forward to that season of falling leaves again.

So what should you be knitting right now?

1. Why, an acorn, of course! And this one's for free as well, so it can't possibly get any better. Knit it as a decoration or to cuddle with. It will make a great little gift, too, if you need something extra for a knitworthy friend.

2. Ysolda's patterns are well known and you have probably come across them before. Ishbel is a very popular shawl so if you haven't made it yet, this is your chance. It is perfect for lace lovers and is available in two sizes for one or two skeins of 4-ply, repectively. 

3. I have been following Amanda's blog, Owl Print Panda, for a while now and her knits and spinning are always fantastic. It comes as no surprise then that Baile, a beautiful cardigan with lace panels at the front, is so tempting. It will definitely keep you warm when the first chill of the season sets in.

4. Of course you can't have a selection of knits without a pair of socks. We will need plenty of them as it gets colder so why not get knitting now? These Jelly Rolls are fun to look at and knit. I want to wear them right now - never mind it's around 20 degrees C here at the moment. These socks are knitted in two colours, feature a double rolled cuff and are perfect for using up leftover yarn, too. Sold?

What autumn knits are you working on right now (or planning to start)? I will be making a shawl from Blacker's Tamar yarn that I got at the Edinburgh Yarn Fest earlier this year. I have four colours to play with and am really looking forward to it. Happy stash diving!

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