Sunday, 10 July 2016

This Will Take Some Time


This will probably turn out to be the longest ever sock design process. The first sock is now finished, I am not entirely happy with the gusset and ribbed toe section, but all in all it's nice. I especially like the cables on the leg. which were the reason I settled on this new design in the first place. How can you resist these cables? I like how this one cable splits into two individual ones before joining back together again. Very neat.

The second sock is cast on and the ribbing for the cuff is done, but I have to put it aside while working on my wedding shawl. I've got the yarn, I wound it into a ball - now I just need to remember to print out the pattern. In the meantime I'll wash and block this first sock to see how it will look. The yarn isn't ideal for sock knitting, to be honest, so I hope my test knitters will be able to tell me how the pattern works with other 4-ply yarns. But that is still far away! First I need to finish the whole pair myself and write out the pattern properly. (I will also buy new design software so I can make charts again.)

So how has your crafty week been? Did you start something new?


  1. What a beautiful design, I really love the cable winding down the leg <3 Good luck finishing up this design!

    1. Thank you!

      I am sorry I haven't commented on your blog posts recently. I will catch up, though, when I have time. I miss seeing what you get up to.