Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Wedding Shawl Update: Slow and Steady

It's cast on and looking good.

The RosaFlora knitting pattern consists of 8 charts and I am right in the middle of the fourth at this time. I took the photo after the third chart so I have added a little bit more to it since then. Just after I took the photo I noticed that the last few repeats on the left were off! Oh dear. Luckily it was easily fixed and now looks just like it should.

Actually, I have had to rip back and fix mistakes more than usual. I really need to pay close attention to what I am doing. You can imagine how glad I am I started knitting this shawl early! Last night alone I only managed four rows, one of which I ripped back three times...

But it will be worth it because the shawl is stunning. I am looking forward to knitting the rest of it and seeing what it will look like once finished. I will keep you updated with photos - and keep your fingers crossed for no more mistakes!


  1. This shawl will indeed be super gorgeous! I recently also found myself constantly having to rip back because of mistakes, maybe it's the weather?

    1. Oh yes, the heat isn't helping. I went three days without knitting because it was just too warm. Especially our flat is quite warm because we get a lot of direct sunlight most of the day.