Saturday, 16 July 2016

Dye For Yarn: Blushing Maiden

The yarn for my wedding shawl is here! I bought it from Dye For Yarn, two Germany independent dyers I have ordered from once before.

Their 100% silk yarns look so beautiful on their photos that it is hard to resist them. The pattern I am using for my wedding shawl uses this particular yarn (100% Tussah silk), so I made sure to get it, too.

Choosing a colour was easy: Blushing Maiden is described as a hank of golden cream with a little bit of rose. It looked very slick and shiny on the product photos, which was a little misleading as the yarn isn't that shiny. I had the same experience with the previous two silk yarns I bought there. This colourway isn't really a golden cream either, but it is the same shade I would have had to use if I had chosen undyed silk yarn somewhere else. So all in all it is okay and will make a very nice shawl. The pattern uses just one skein, so I hope the shawl will be big enough.

Let's cast on!

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