Saturday, 25 June 2016

Knitting to De-stress

What a week it's been! Wedding preparations, Brexit and stress - much more due to the latter. As an EU national who has lived and worked in the UK for years and is about to get married to a Brit, this is not a good time. Everything is up in the air, no one knows anything specific, so there's nothing I can do but go on as usual and keep my eyes and ears open. 

But enough about politics! There's been knitting, too.

To calm down this weekend (and, yes, there have been tears), I picked up my socks and finally made progress with the heel and gusset. I will be figuring out some increases and decreases along the foot next, but they should be easy - at least that's the theory.

In other knitting news, I can't decide on a wedding shawl pattern even though I thought I had. I also can't decide on the yarn, which is why I haven't bought any yet. All I know is I'd love pure silk, but as it will be undyed, it won't be white. Instead, it will be ivory and I am not sure I want that, so I may choose a different material instead. Hm. It's a good thing the wedding is still quite a way off.

Do you have any nice knits to distract you right now?


  1. Oh yes, the Brexit. I'm friends with a French-German couple (with child) that is living and working in the UK. Needless to say that they are also a tiny bit worried about their future. But I hope for everyones sake that this will work out - only once you have lost something, you realise its value. And their seems to be a bit of hang-over happening now in the UK.

    My wedding dress was made from raw silk, and was thus not pure white, but ivory. I preferred to all the white dresses out there. Maybe go for the undyed silk, and then match your dress to the shawl. No-one will notice the dress anyway if you wear a handknit silk lace shawl to your wedding ;-)


    1. Hi Conny! Fingers crossed for everyone post-Brexit.

      I may well end up with the ivory silk. I do like it even though the colour doesn't quite suit me. Somehow it makes me look a bit dirty.

  2. Hi Nadia,
    Congratulations on the impending nuptials. Have you selected a shawl pattern yet? I recall that some years ago, in the late '90's I'd say, I saw a wedding shawl knit with cobweb weight and it fit through a wedding ring, knit by a mother for the daughter. It may have been in a Piecework or Interweave Knits magazine. I think it was the Wedding Ring Shawl by Sharon Miller. I just loved the idea that it could fit through a ring! (At the time, I think I had only ever knit with worsted weight, and could not imagine such a thing.) Best wishes.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I have seen the shawl you mean and it was tempting. I couldn't make up my mind for quite some time and then came across a shawl pattern by Romi Hill I hadn't seen before. I bought it, ordered the yarn and will cast on as soon as the yarn gets here. I will be posting about it soon!