Friday, 6 May 2016

The #craftblogclub Spring Clean Challenge 2016

It was time for another #craftblogclub challenge on Twitter! This time it was a Spring Clean Challenge to help us empty our stash of things we won't be using in the near future or would simply like to pass on to someone who will appreciate them more. When signing up, we listed our favourite crafts so that our secret partners would have an idea of what to send from their own stash.

Kay from Kay Gets Crafty was my partner - and I was at a loss as to what to send her! She does paper crafts while I am (obviously) a knitter, and so I had hardly anything I could send her. Luckily, I did have some very pretty origami paper that I used to make cards from. Since I rarely do that anymore, I decided to pass them on to Kay along with some yarn. I remember seeing a knitted scarf on her blog at one point. In the meantime, Kay has received the package and loves it, so that's a great relief!

Kay's gift for me arrived just a day or two before she got mine and I really like the card and especially the notebook she decorated with crochet cherries. a yarn ball charm and paper. It will come in handy and I like that it is a very sturdy notebook. I think I might pack it in my bag so I always have something to take notes in when I am out and about. This is a habit I would like to pick up again. Thank you, Kay!

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