Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Sock Design in Progress

Now that I have finished knitting my Inglis Mitts, I can finally get back to socks. The yarn I got from my colleagues on my birthday has been calling to me so I sat down and looked through some pattern stitch libraries to see what appealed to me. 

I came across a pretty cable design that I thought would look great along the leg of these socks. Thank goodnesss for stitch markers! I am writing up the pattern as I go along and so far, so good. I have finished the leg and am about to get on with the heel flap now. I want to incorporate a little cable on one side, so this needs figuring out as well. 

Once I get to the foot, I want to design a travelling cable or two to go across it. Sounds easy, but it may be anything but. I'll let you know how I get on.

The yarn is lovely and smooth due to the silk content, and the fabric at my gauge is a bit lighter than I usually like it. Still, even unblocked it looks good, don't you think?

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