Sunday, 13 March 2016

Wool Tribe: The Edinburgh Yarn Festival companion

I know what I'll be reading as my train makes it way towards Scotland soon: Wool Tribe!

The Edinburgh Yarn Festival organisers Jo and Mica have put together this wonderful magazine that is full of beautiful photography, 6 free patterns from some of the designers at the festival, information about Edinburgh and places of interest to crafters, Scottish sheep breeds, a list of exhibitors and, of couse, a floor plan. I have no idea how they managed to cram all of this into just 64 pages.

The magazine has the perfect format, too. It is small and compact, and I love the sturdy matte paper it is printed on. This isn't a cheap, flimsy job! It is a sturdy little magazine that feel wonderful to the touch (knitters will understand the importance of this). 

Even if you aren't going to the festival, you can still buy yourself a copy of Wool Tribe for £8. Included in the magazine is a Ravelry download code. As this is a limited edition, make sure you get yours while you can. 

See you in Edinburgh!


  1. I live in USA Ohio,Its winter here during our 6-7 months of cold ,to enjoy knitting up a warm wool hat.Today I am so excited to receive my Wool Tribe magazine! Hopefully next year I'll be at the festival.

    1. That is a long way to travel, but Edinburgh is a beautiful place and the yarn festival will be worth it. It is one of the best I have ever been to, so I hope you can make it next year.