Thursday, 17 March 2016

Knitting From Bath to Edinburgh

Today we are travelling all the way to Edinburgh! We will have a 6-hour train journey ahead of us, so like all good knitters I am prepared.

My plan is to knit this hat for Mark (because he hasn't had one for a few years - he keeps losing handknits and I had to stop knitting for him). The original idea was to cast on as soon as I am on the train, so I can cast off just as we arrive. However, I had to make sure my gauge is right and all that, so I cast on early. I won't knit any more till I am on the train, though, I promise! (Having said that, my fingers are already itching to get started.)

I chose a ball of Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash because I am really enjoying Cascade yarns right now. This particular one is a bulky weight and very soft to the touch. It will make a really comfortable hat, I think, and most importantly it will be warm. Mark chose the colourway and decided on navy. 

After suggesting a number of patterns, he settled on a simple k2 p2 rib, which is fine by me. It will be a quick, satisfying knit that I won't have to focus on too much. I am beginning to think that the hat may be finished much too soon, so I will have to take an emergency WIP along; I am thinking about casting on some convertible gloves for myself, actually. Time for a last-minute stash dive!

At least one of us won't freeze to death in Edinburgh, then. By next winter, Mark may also get a matching scarf. That's another thing he keeps losing.


  1. Once your train knitting is sorted, you're ready. Have an amazing time in Edinburgh! :) x

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Judi! Yes, I did. In my next blog post you will be able to see the finished hat. :)