Thursday, 4 February 2016

More ChiaoGoo Goodies

Regular readers will know that I only recently made acquaintance with ChiaoGoo knitting needles and that I loved them from the start. Since Christmas was only two months away, several ChiaoGoo needles and notions ended up on my wish list.

I was a very lucky girl. Mark gave me this useful needle case for my circulars. There is space for every size and there is also a little pocket at the front which can be closed securely with a zip. That is where I keep the cable connectors and end caps/stoppers which Mark's parents gave me. I desperately needed those notions for my jumper, so I was especially happy with my presents.

You wouldn't believe how many orders I places between Christmas and mid January... On Christmas Day itself I took advantage of the free postage Purlescence offered and completed my set of TWIST cables. At the beginning of January they had a sale, so of course I had to buy some knitting needles to complete the small set. And after they arrived I thought, why not complete the large set, too, and buy the needles and cable connectors? And so I did, though I decided not to buy some of the larger sizes simply because I wouldn't use them. If necessary, I can return to my KnitPro circs instead.

Once the order arrived, I realised I forgot to buy matching cables for the larger needles, so, yeah, another order had to be placed. There was a slight mishap with this one as I was accidentally sent the transparent SPIN cables instead of the red TWIST ones, but I was curious about them anyway and decided to keep them. They will be very useful and I am sad about my not being able to use them with the smaller needles that I need far more often for my projects. I haven't tried the SPIN cables yet, though I did attach them to see what they're like and I think knitting with them will be fun and easy. I am very impressed so far.

Have any of you used SPIN before? What are your impressions?

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