Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pixelated Pullover: The End Is In Sight

Forgive my lack of posting, but I have been knitting. I'm sure you understand.

My first jumper is taking just as long to knit as I had expected and I have set myself a deadline that I hope I can meet. I want to wear my Pixelated Pullover at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March, so I better hurry.

That said, things are looking good! I have finished all hip increases, including some additional ones due to my size. Since I am a pear shape, the top of this pullover did not require any great changes, but my lower half is at least one size larger (very annoying when buying clothes), so I needed to double the increases and knit them at more frequent intervals than instructed.

I tried it on and, yes, it seems to fit. So right now I am knitting the final colour change to finish the hem ( I am so tempted to turn this into a dress) and then it is on to the sleeves. I wonder how they will turn out. Since I made the armholes a little bigger, I will have to be careful there. Should anything go wrong, I've still got my lifelines in this project, so ripping back will be easy enough.

There are two things that worry me a bit, though: I hope that the shoulder is going to stretch once the sleeves are attached because right not it is very short. If it does not stretch, I have to start all over again, right from the very beginning... So let's think positive. Also, I had to experiment with the collar because it rolled like crazy. The way it is now is fine, I hope, but I won't know until the pullover is finished and I wear it.

What's been keeping you busy lately?


  1. Argh it's looking great! I love those colours together. If you're at the yarn festival on the Saturday I'll be looking out for it!

  2. Things ARE looking good! And it looks like you're on track for March! I know your pear-shape feels - I get that thing where I can only do up cardigans halfway - not a good look! Can't wait to see how the jumper turns out! :)

    1. You're right about half done-up cardigans! I recently got some clothes from work with our branding in and it fits fine on top, but not from the waist down. :))

  3. Oooh it's looking so great already! Almost there so I'm sure it'll be done in time :)