Monday, 28 December 2015

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Knitters and Crocheters

1. Learn a new technique.

Does lace look oh so tempting, but too scary to try? Do you wonder how on earth to work with more than one colour yarn at the same time? And are you afraid you will end up with knots in your fingers when attempting cabling? Now is the time to try something new and to simply give it a go.

2. Make something you have never made before.

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit socks or yearned to make your first jumper? Take the plunge and see how it goes. All knitting is a matter of following a pattern - just follow the instructions and you, too, will end up with a project to be proud of, no matter how daunting it may seem at first.

3. Treat yourself to a yarn you have dreamed of for a long time.

We all know the feeling: We come across beautiful yarn that we would love to own and turn into something pretty, but it is too expensive or not the kind of yarn we would normally use. And yet we really want it, but think better of it than to splurge on such precious yarn. But what is life without the occasional treat? Next time you fall in love with a yarn your brain tells you not to buy, listen to your heart instead and simply enjoy the pretty.

4. By from an independent dyer.

There are so many wonderful independent yarn dyers who work hard to create the most amazing colours for knitting and crochet. Have a look around and see what they have to offer: perhaps you will find your new favourite yarn and you will know exactly who has dyed it for you.

5. Knit  or crochet a miniature.

We tend to stick with projects of similar size most of the time because we all have our favourites. How about giving miniatures a go and making tiny little things? Mochi Mochi Land have specialised in tiny knits that are fun and cheerful and easy to make.

6. Try a new fibre.

I don't know about you, but I tend to stick with the same types of fibre most of the time, which can get a little boring. So why not give something new a try? Have you always wondered about alpaca, mohair and silk? Now is the time! Or how about more unusual things like yak, milk protein fibre or seacell? There is so much to choose from and I am definitely hoping to try new fibres in the new year.

7. Take a class or join a workshop.

If you haven't joined a class or workshop before, this is a great experience. You get to be with like-minded people and you learn something at the same time. Instead of trying to get to grips with a new technique, you have expert guidance and help at hand when you need it. Your local yarn shop and craft fairs tend to have a range of classes for all abilities so go check them out.

8. Go to a craft fair.

Speaking of which, craft fairs are a fun day out, but hold on to your wallet! There are so much tempting yarn,  tools and accessories that it is a good idea to set yourself a budget before you go. Then you can enjoy the fair, have a good look around and meet other crafters, too, without worrying about how much you are spending. There are lots of craft fairs all across the country so keep an eye our on social media, blogs and the local press for any announcements.

9. Expand your knitting needle or crochet hook collection.

Everyone needs the right tools and it is very frustrating if you are about to start a new project, only to find that you don't have the correct size hook or needle. It happens to me quite often, so I am planning to complete my knitting needle collection in the coming year (I already have all the crochet hooks I will ever need). So fill in the gaps in your collection or treat yourself to a complete set.

10. Treat yourself to pretty notions.

Apart from knitting needles and crochet hooks, there is a range of neat little helpers that make crafting so much easier. Cable needles, stitch markers, row counters, a knitting needle gauge, tape measure - all these and more are very handy as you work your way through your stash. Haven't got any yet? Go get some!


  1. I'm planning on doing a few of these! Tam got me a class for Christmas that I'm going to in January and I've got a pattern to start that features more intense cable work than I'm used to. Looking forward to the yarn festival! :)

    1. It sounds like you are having a great start to the year. I might bump into you at the yarn festival as I am going on the same day.

  2. Ooh, that's a good bunch of resolutions! I'd like to make two garments this year (stepping into the unknown!) and have signed up to a blogging workshop, which will be a first for me, too! :) x