Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Problem With Trying Something New

What have I done?

Now that I have made a start and braved knitting my first jumper (slow, but good progress), my favourites and my queue on Ravelry have exploded! For those unfamiliar with, let me explain: 

Ravelry has a huge database of knitting and crochet patterns with a very good search engine. You can favourite patterns you like, create bundles in which patterns are grouped by type, colour or whatever you fancy. You can also queue patterns, meaning you list them in the order you want to knit them. And that's what I have done.

Once I get the hang of knitting my jumper, I hope to make more. So I combed through Ravelry to see what is available in roughly my size and I ended up with 40 pages worth of patterns. Could have been worse! Those were only the patterns listed as plus size, so you can imagine how many more you would find for standard sizes. Of course, I only favourited a fraction of all patterns that came up and queued only three.

So let me show you the pretties in my queue at the moment:

Follow the links below for image sources.

1. Poema by Vera Sanon looks like an easy knit, especially if you like a bit of lace and are not intimidated by it. I like the simplicity of the body and the contrasting sleeves. I am sure I will enjoy knitting this pattern. What do you think?

2. Kate Davies is well known for her designs and I know her mainly as a designer of yoke jumpers with lovely stranded colourwork. However, I've never actually knitted anything of hers, but I have always been aware of her work. Well, I say always, but I mean for the past few years. Boreal jumped out at me from the start because of the use of colour and simple, traditional patterning. I can't wait to make this jumper, although I am not sure how making adjustments to the fit will work in this case because they will change the colourwork if I am not careful. This will take some thinking and tinkering.

3. And finally, another Kate Davies design that many will have come across before: the Owls jumper. There is also a version for children and another for a cardigan in chunky yarn. I have also loved this jumper ever since I first saw it and one day I will knit it! I am not keen on the idea of making it with chunky yarn as the pattern calls for, but I may well risk it. I suspect it will make things easier than improvising and hoping for the best... or doing even more dreaded maths than I have to do already. This will happen, I am just not sure how.

What have you got in your queue at the moment - on Ravelry or off? 


  1. I am right there with queue was getting so humongous that I had to start tagging and organiziting it. Thanksfully, we are not getting charged for queuing and daydreaming.

    1. Yes, true. I keep needing to reorganise my lists as well, but that is a nice problem to have. ;)

  2. I feel you, I had the same when I got the hang of knitting socks and then again with the whole knitting sweaters thing. Looks like we have a very similar taste in jumpers though, those are all to be found in my queue/favourites too!

    1. I noticed we like similar things as well. Especially many of the shawls you have been making are very tempting. That is one of the reasons I like your blog. :D