Friday, 11 December 2015

Surprising Blog Stats

I am always keen to know where my readers are from and reading through my blog stats is fun. Sometimes interesting and curious things come up, sometimes unexpected things, too. Thanks to stats I have sometimes found that a website or blog featured one of my handmade stitch marker sets or a blog post I published recently. You never know what you're going to find.

Here is a screenshot of my all-time stats as of 6 December 2015:

Let me take this opportunity to say hello to my most unexpected readers: Hello Russia! You have been quite a big surprise. I never thought there were so many of you visiting this blog, but I am glad you are following along and enjoying what you see. 

I was also surprised to find that I have more readers in the US than in the UK, although, looking at population size, I suppose that's only natural. Germany comes in third place; I know there are lots of knitters in my home country (Gruß an die Heimat!). 

I am happy to see how we are all connected throughout the world by our love of wool, regardless of where we are. It's not just k2tog, it's knit several thousands together.  

Have you had similar surprises on your blog? Where do most of your readers come from and which is the most unlikely place you would have expected to see pop up in your stats?

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