Monday, 21 December 2015

My First Jumper: Armholes Done!

Knitting? What knitting? I haven't knitted for over a week and I didn't even notice! 

Some of you may want to unfriend me now. I have no idea how this happened, but it did. I can only blame the busy Christmas season at work which has kept me thinking about all sorts of things that needed doing and were not at all about knitting. We had Christmas jumper day, onesie Wednesday, Secret Santa, the work Christmas meal, a Christmas theme party, and a whole lot of product launches at work (you know, because it is not all just fun and games all the time).

My jumper is in it's bag, waiting for me to continue with the body now that the armholes are done. This will be a really straightforward bit of knitting for a few inches and I just started the second colour change section. I made my first alteration and made the sleeves an inch wider than specified due to my measurements. In theory, I should also make the armholes deeper, but I decided not to because I am wondering if the extra sleeve width may be enough. If not, I will just have to either deal with it or rip back to start over. But, look! It actually looks like a jumper!

I am immensely please and totally in love with the red. I am so glad I chose it. Having bought the yarn online, I wasn't sure how the colour would look once it arrived. Not even looking up other knitters' projects in the same yarn helped because we all know how badly some cameras capture red. (My photos here are accurate, to my surprise.)

Considering how long I will be working on this project, it hasn't stopped me from planning further jumper projects and dreaming of wearing all those beautiful knits. Are you already thinking ahead, too? What do you want to knit in 2016? It's amazing we are nearly in the next year already.


  1. Argh I love it, those colours look awesome together!

  2. Yay, it does look like a jumper already! The red looks so nice, very intense and deep. I'm also already dreaming of all the things I can knit in 2016 :)

  3. I love the colours, and how they sprinkle into each other! It will be so great to see it done!