Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cushendale Woolen Mills DK: A Long Time Coming

I am embarrassed. I can't believe it took me nearly 4 months to complete this project, especially considering it isn't a difficult one. That does not bode well for my jumper, I must say.

In August I posted about the yarn I graciously received from Vibes & Scribes in Cork, Ireland, and I described my first impressions as I worked on the cowl/infinity scarf I chose to make with it. It wasn't a pleasant knit because the yarn is very rough. I have heard from others that it gets softer with time, but I am not convinced it will be pleasant to wear next to the skin. I have given it a wash already and can't say for sure whether the cowl is now any less rough than before. However, it did dry surprisingly quickly, which is a very good thing at this time of year.

The reason it took me this long to finish knitting it that I did not enjoy the roughness of the yarn. It made knitting anything other than simple stitches very difficult. That is why I abandoned the idea to knit the Cupido pattern and simply improvised after a few rows which are now the edging. I took another long break before actually knitting that final edging, another reason for the delay.

So, as I wrote in my first post, this Cushendale yarn is best suited for home furnishings like cushions, bags or anything that needs to resist wear. It is not my kind of yarn, unfortunately, but that is simply because I tend to knit things requiring finer, softer yarns and are meant to be worn close to the skin. So while this may not be my kind of yarn, maybe it is yours. 

Let me know if you have used Cushendale Woolen Mills DK and what your impressions are. What did you make and did it hold up well?


  1. Sounds like this might also not be the yarn for me. I've never actually worked with this yarn but I think I'm also more of the soft and squishy type of yarn.

    1. It's a shame because the colours are lovely. Ah well.