Sunday, 1 November 2015

Santa Knitting Kit from Let's Knit Magazine

Not long now till Christmas! I assume you are knee deep in seasonal gift knitting right now. I have to admit that I am not knitting at all for Christmas this year and have decided to just knit for myself instead. It's not that seasonal gift knitting has ever been particularly stressful for me so far, but I no longer have as much time to knit now that I have a new(ish) job. Though I must say that buying the right present for people seems unusually difficult for me this time around. Somehow knitting was easier.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my little knitted Santa that came as a knitting kit with Let's Knit Magazine in October. One weekend I felt the need to buy all Christmas craft magazines I liked the look of and so this magazine became part of the loot. I am very happy with this little Santa despite a few problems. It turns out that the pattern got the yarn colours wrong and I ended up knitting Santa with a black face at first. I thought that was meant to be his belt so his head would be added separately and didn't spot the error till I finished that section. Sadly, there were no clear pictured of what was hidden under his beard or I wold have realised the mistake right away.

The kit contained slightly too little yarn as well. This always happens to me! (Actually, I wanted to add a link here to another kit that contained too little yarn, but I realised I never blogged about it because it was so frustrating. I shall have to add a post about it soon.) Luckily, Santa had enough yarn for me to finish up all the pieces. The final arm had to be sewn on with some leftover sock yarn I happened to have in a similar shade.

I am not sure about his boots, though. I would have made them round instead of long, I think, just to make them look neater. Other than that I am very happy with him and he is now sitting on my desk at work, making sure I don't behave too naughtily. 

Did you knit this kit as well? Please leave your links in the comments so we can all have a look.


  1. I think I already swooned over this Santa on instagram, but I still think he is super adorable. A great kit, but a real shame you didn't have enough yarn. I'm also not planning on any (or very little) holiday knitting, I prefer to knit gifts throughout the year, much more managable.

    1. I'm glad I am not the only one not knitting gifts right now. Earlier in the year I tried to make a few gifts in advance, but somehow that never really took off. There is a Viajante on my needles that started around that time and still isn't finished!