Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Elefante: The Cutest Knitted Elephant There Ever Was

Can you believe I found yet another project I never blogged about? How did this happen? Somehow I missed out a few knitted toys and am playing catch up now that I have noticed their absence.

Exactly a year ago, I finally knitted Elefante, a pattern I had had on my to-knit list for a very long time. It is the perfect project for using up yarn scraps, which is exactly what I did. You can see a huge number of Elefante made by other knitters on Ravelry to get an idea of what colours might go well together in this pattern. 

The odd thing is that I always had the impression this was a small elephant, but it is in fact quite large! I was surprised when I finished the body and wondered how much bigger the final toy would be. Turns out it is pretty big for something that looks so small on photos. This does not distract from its cuteness, though, and I love it. As you can see, I used small black buttons for eyes and I am especially happy with the crocheted ears (finding a bit of crochet in the pattern was a bit of a surprise), the tail and the way the colours have lined up.

Doesn't it look cute when it is stood up on its legs (love those legs) and its trunk? It stands up very well and can sit up, too. You will need quite a lot of toy filling for this. It is amazing how much stuffing is needed to give Elefante a decent shape. 

This is an easy toy to knit so if you are comfortable knitting in the round, give it a go. And if you aren't, this could be a great opportunity to get to grips with DPNs.

Have you knitted any toys lately or are you perhaps making some as Christmas gifts this year? Let me know!


  1. Oooh so cute! Indeed a perfect way for scraps of yarn. I haven't knitted toys in a while but a friend of mine is pregnant so I'll probably knit a few toys for her baby!