Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My First Spin City UK Spindle

If you are a spinner in the UK, you may have heard of Spin City UK's resin spindles and fibre batts. I never tried them until now and was keen to give them a go. I bought my first spindles some years ago at a wool fair and have since accumulated a few more, including a tiny Turkish spindle and a Russian. I love them all and don't use them nearly enough now that I also have a spinning wheel. Still, this did not stop me from taking part in Plutonium Muffins' giveaway in August - I was just too tempted by the pretty flowers encased in resin.

It really is a pretty whorl and I love looking at it. Sadly, though, that is where it ends. It's not as professionally made a spindle as most others I have. Like a lot of beginner spindles, it is a basic construction consisting of a simple dowel rod, hook and, in this case, a handmade resin whorl. I was looking forward to spinning up the generous sample of John Arbon fibre I received from Plutonium Muffins along with the spindle and Spin City batt. As you can see, I did spin it and there may be photos of it soon. The fibre was fantastic to use and the colours are amazing. The red is not just a single shade, which makes it a very vivid yarn that I wish I had more of. I do love that colour a lot.

Obviously, this is not a spindle made by a woodturner and it is a very basic construction. That alone does not put me off a spindle, but there is an issue with balance here that makes spinning anything nearly impossible. The balance is off and the spindle wobbles excessively no matter what I do, which makes for anything but a smooth spinning experience. I am not sure if shortening the dowel might improve matters, but I may have to try that. As it is, I can't use the spindle so I might as well. Alternatively, I suppose using it as a bottom whorl spindle should work better. I have never had this problem with a spindle before, so I am very disappointed and a bit sad about it.

If you can help me troubleshoot and have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know! Also, if you use spindles from Spin City UK, how are you getting on?

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