Wednesday, 16 September 2015

#knittinghour Sock KAL for Beginners - Week 3

It's been a tough week, I am sure, for those who have braved the tricky heel over the past week. It is definitely the hardest part of any sock, but I hope that by breaking it down into steps, knitting your heel wasn't too tough. You've made it now and can relax this week because it's all about plain stockinette now.



Yay, time for some mindless knitting! 

If you still have your stitch markers in the middle of the sole stitches, move it to the end of the sole stitches instead. It is now positioned in front of the first stitch for the top of the sock’s foot. This will be the new beginning of your round.

Simply knit all stitches until your sock is 2” (5 cm) shorter than your total foot length. Easy peasy.

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