Saturday, 18 July 2015

Addi Fixed Circulars: Do They Live Up To the Hype?

You can find these stitch markers at

In one word: no. Sadly, they did not convince me. I had high hopes for them since I had only heard good things about Addi. Of course, they have a range of needles and I have only tried their 2 mm fixed circulars that I bought specifically for sock knitting. The thing about sock knitting with circulars is that the join between the cable and needles needs to be really smooth because you will have to move the stitches back and forth as you work.

While the cables are wonderfully soft and I really love them, the joins spoil all the fun. It does not look like a terribly bad join, but you can certainly feel it. It is very difficult to move stitches across it because it keeps snagging the yarn. That takes away all the pleasure in knitting. I was also less than impressed with the feel of the aluminium needles. The yarn does not glide over them as easily and it feels as though the stitches are being held back all the time. It's like driving with the handbrake on.

Once again, KnitPro Nova remain at the top of my list of favourite needles for ease of knitting, I'm afraid. Keep in mind that my opinion on these Addi circulars is only based on this particular size and there may not be any problem with the join in larger sizes, especially if you are knitting something other than socks. 

I'm curious to hear about your experience with Addi. Which of their needles do you like best, if any?


  1. Interesting! I love Addis, but I only ever use them for sweaters and other larger items, being a diehard dpn user for socks. My absolute favourites are my Aeros which were actually manufactured in Redditch (as opposed to the foreign-made ones).

    All my Addis are nickel plated with clear cables. Are yours the same? They look gold in the photos.

    1. Yes, mine have a golden cable. I hadn't expected that because the site I bought them from only showed clear cables and silvery needles! I guess it may depend on the sizes which colour you get.

      I imagine Addi are fine for heavier weight yarns, but I had bought mine especially for socks so, sadly, I didn't have a good experience. Now you got me curious about Aeros! I only know that brand name for chocolate over here.

  2. I use Addi 2.5mm for all my sock knitting Magic Loop. They are called Addi Sock Rockets and they are so smooth and have the best cable to needle join. I have tried all the other needles and findAddi the best.

    1. I will have to watch for those. If I see them in a store, I will take a closer look. Thanks for the tip!