Friday, 12 June 2015

Dusty Diamond: A Lacy Loop Scarf

Late last month was my boyfriend's mother's birthday and I wanted to knit something special for the occasion. I picked a hank of my own handspun from my stash and went looking for a nice stitch pattern to use to make a loop scarf or cowl. I decided on a lacy diamond stitch pattern from a pattern book. Originally, the pattern was part of a cardigan, but I used the design to fit into a simple loop. Sounds simple, but the original printed pattern, though charted, was full of errors! There were lots of blank squares in the chart that should have had yarn overs and two types of decrease instead. Luckily, this was easy to fix once I noticed and from then on it was plain sailing.

The yarn is a hank of Australian merino I spun into a light 2-ply fingering weight. It yielded 279 m that were a good yardage for this project.The fibre was hard to spin because it was quite compact (it was a gift and I can't tell how long the original owner may have had it in her stash). Nonetheless, the yarn turned out well and I like the result a lot. Actually, I like it a lot more than I did the fibre!

The yarn is nice and soft with a slightly dull and fuzzy look. When I looked at the finished loop, it seemed a bit dusty, but that is just how the yarn makes it appear. Hence I named the loop Dusty Diamond. 

Knitted across 56 stitches and seamed at the cast on and cast off edges, this loop is just the right size to wear as an accessory to complete an outfit in the spring or autumn. I managed to finish the loop just in time: it had only just dried and blocked the night before posting. I am very happy with it and Mark's mum is, too.


  1. very nice cowl and handspun!

    1. Thank you, Monica. I love your blog and will have to susbcribe to it.