Thursday, 18 June 2015

Are You Going to the British Wool Show?

Image taken from the British Wool Show website

New name, new venue

Some time ago I was invited to the British Wool Show (formerly the British Wool Weekend) taking place in York on the 7th and 8th of August this year. I've never been to York before and since this is a city I have wanted to see for a while I will be there!

The interesting thing is that I don't know any of the exhibitors there, which is a surprise. I don't think I have seen them in other wool shows I have been to so this will be a whole new experience with lots to discover. The British Wool Show supports the Campaign For Wool which promotes the British textile industry. There should be plenty to do for the knitters, crocheters, felters, spinners and weavers among us and I am quite excited about it. 

Get involved

Whether you are going to the show or not, you can get involved, too: the British Wool Show is looking for bunting, pompoms and ribbons in all colours and sizes as well as twiddlemuffs. The bunting will be sewn into blankets for charity after the event. If you would like to send in something, please contact the organisers at for more information. Also, have a look at their blog for details. Tickets are on sale on the website now.

Are you going or have you been to this show before? I'd like to hear what your impressions were.


  1. Hope you have a great time in my home town. This year I'm not capable of managing the show, but if you give the show a good review and I'm physically capable I'll be there with bells on!

    1. When I briefly worked for a travel organiser, I remember I wrote a travel itinerary about York and I loved the pictures I saw of the city. I have been wanting to go there ever since! I'm very much looking forward to seeing a new part of the UK.

      I will make sure to take lots of photos and to write up a nice report. It should be good!

  2. How cool that you don't know any of the vendors yet. I hope you come home with a handfull of gems to share with us. Enjoy your time there.

    1. The nice thing is that I will actually have money to spend when I go. I have a new job! It will be so nice to not have a tiny yarn budget at the event.