Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What On Earth Is a Diz?

My handmade diz from polymer clay

That is what I wondered when I first saw one on a fellow spinner's blog. I hadn't heard of a diz before and certainly hadn't seen one. Then again, I don't know a lot of spinners, so that's no surprise. 

According to The Joy of Handspinning, this is how a diz is used:
A diz is used when you are combing the wool into a combed top. A combed top uses only the longest and strongest fibers and leaves the shorter fibers and noils in the comb. Combed top is best used for spinning worsted yarns.

Using the diz is the last step to making a combed top after the combing is complete. The wool is drawn off the comb through the diz, which is a disc or oval made of wood, plastic, or cardboard with a hole in the middle. Thread the fiber through the hole of the diz, and push the diz toward the comb as you draw the wool off the comb to form the top.

The disc usually has at least one hole, but more there may be more than one to make top in different widths. Sometimes a diz comes with a threader, too.

A custom diz, still raw and uncured.

Some time ago, I made a little diz from polymer clay and it turned out really well. I have made a few more in the meantime. Since I don't think there is much demand for one, I haven't added any to my shop so far. I may have to make some more to see what kind of designs I can come up with, but I am very happy with my first one.

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