Thursday, 21 May 2015

Outlaw Artisan Craft Show in Bristol - Part 2

After telling you all about my favourite designer/makers at Outlaw in my last post, it's now time to show you what I got up to when I wasn't admiring everyone's work and sampling the baked goods in the catering area.

At one end of the hall, Outlaw had arranged am area for their Demo Theatre which I was keen to visit. As you can see, there were lots of interesting demos about all manner of things and I am still a bit sad I missed out on the gift wrapping demo because I got to Bristol just after it finished. I enjoy gift wrapping and it would have been great to learn some new tricks.

Nonetheless, I was also looking forward to the terrarium demo. People who know me know that I love plants. I think every home should have lots of them, but personally I have trouble keeping my (currently) only plant alive. So I have been thinking about getting succulents and cacti which would be much hardier plants, easier to place around our tiny flat, and less likely to wilt and die if I water them infrequently. (I rarely remember to water myself, so imagine my poor plant.) But before I get any, I wanted to make sure I do it right, so the demo was very helpful.

I know I am bad with plant names, but I didn't even know Billy Buttons existed!

Sarah Hill is a florist based at the edge of Exmore and her potted plants and flower arrangements at Outlaw were lovely, natural and wild. I really enjoyed her demo, too, and now feel confident I can give a terrarium a go. I am itching to get started!

Other than spending time at the Demo Theatre, I also had a go at making pompoms and a vintage paper brooch at the Make & Take Theatre. Given that you only have about 15 minutes to make something, you won't learn anything terribly difficult, of course, but I had lots of time and a bit of crafting is always fun. 

So I grabbed a seat, a fork, and some yarn for the pompom garland class. It was fun and quick and I did have to help my neighbour who was struggling with her neon pink yarn. I swear that yarn was evil - I later made a pompom from it, too, and it fell apart as soon as I got home even though it was perfectly fine before. The garland is now hanging on my bookshelf.

The next class I went to was a rather spontaneous choice because I am neither a fan of vintage nor of brooches. And yet I ended up in the long queue for the vintage paper brooch class. Mind you, it wasn't at all what I had expected, but I got to play with stuff and do a bit of decoupage. We had a selection of vintage papers, stamps, glitter glue, beads and sequins to glue onto cardboard shapes. What I had expected was to learn to fold vintage paper into floral shapes or something similar, so this was quite a surprise.

I chose a New Zealand stamp as the main feature of my brooch, which will come as no surprise to people who know of my connection to New Zealand. I used two matching papers for the square and round cardboard pieces as well as lines cut from newspaper to frame everything. I couldn't quite finish the brooch with a pin because there wasn't enough material for everyone, which is a real shame. While it's not a bad result, I am not entirely happy with my brooch and have no idea what to do with it now. It isn't a brooch I would wear, but I enjoyed making something new on the day, and finding that particular stamp made me especially happy.

And that's the end of the Outlaw mini-series on Abso-knitting-lutely! There was lots to see and do and I am so glad I was able to go. I had a great time and look forward to the next event.

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