Saturday, 16 May 2015

Outlaw Artisan Craft Show in Bristol - Part 1

I made it! Despite living so close to Bristol, I have never made it to any craft events because something always gets in the way. So when I heard that Outlaw was coming to Bristol, I was a little bit wary and fully expected not to be able to go. However, I did go on 2 May and I had an excellent time.

Because I have lots to tell you about this event, I am splitting my report into two parts. In today's post I  want to introduce you to some of my favourite sellers at Outlaw and show you which items caught my attention. Come back on 22 May for part 2 in which I will talk about the Demo Theatre and Make & Take Theatre at the show. I got to do a bit of crafting, which was a lot of fun and I have photos to share.

The event took place in the Passenger Shed which is situated right next to the train station, so the location was perfect and easy to get to. The Passenger Shed it quite large and filled up nicely with all the exhibitors, demo theatre and make & take theatre. There even were live music, good food vendors, a play zone for kids, workshops (which I was too late to book, sadly), and  lots of space to sit and rest.

There was a good variety of exhibitors who sold a wide range of products ranging from embroidery to hand-bound books, plants, jewellery and much more. As soon as I walked in, the place that immediately caught my attention was Lauren Aston Designs. Why? Have a look:

Need I say more?

Lauren's designs are knitted in larger needles using roving. Yes, roving! The thing I use to spin my yarn. Because of this, her throws and cushions are incredibly soft and squishy. I also like her knitted lampshades and poufs. Lauren was lovely to chat to and I hope I see her again at other craft events. In the meantime you can visit her website for more of her products.

At the other end of the hall, I met another knitter and crocheter with interesting handmade work. Rhea Clements displayed her jewellery and accessories that all consist of bold colour combinations that you can't help but notice. I especially likes these necklaces and bracelets made of crocheted rings. 

That grey and orange bracelet would be perfect for my favourite summer dress, actually.

There is something retro about these knitted bags and purses, so they're very much on trend right now. They've been made using a knitting machine as opposed to being knitted by hand.

I was very happy to see a seller from Bath at the event. I know Gemma of The Silver Shed from Etsy and the Bath Artisan Market so it is always nice to have a chat when I see her. She makes lovely, whimsical silver jewellery based on fairy tales and folklore.

This was the first time I saw her new displays and I love how it shows off her work. Her jewellery is so delicate and worth every penny. I am still coveting her ring that reads "He kissed her & she awoke". I like how the simplicity of the display really brings out the detail in Gemma's work. For a closer look, click on the image above.

Having just returned from my Cornwall holiday, I was also keen to see many of the Cornish vendors at Outlaw (which is based in Cornwall) and products I had seen while away. As I passed one particular stall, something familiar caught my eye and I had to take a closer look. When I visited St Michael's Mount in Marazion, I was very tempted to buy these little fish in the gift shop:

These seem to be exactly the same ones and I still love them. Because I have nowhere to put them in our flat, I did not buy them, but one day I definitely will. These were made by Charlie Deighton who is based in Bristol and not in Cornwall as I had thought. I am also happy to see that she does the Bath Artisan Market round the corner from me so I will have to pop by again soon.

These four sellers are by no means the only ones worth mentioning, but I enjoyed their work the most on the day. Outlaw did a great job of attracting wonderful designer/makers and I very much hope they will come back to Bristol (or even Bath) for another show.

Have any of you been to Outlaw? Let me know what you got up to.


  1. So much pretty things on display! I especially love those machine knit bags!

    1. It was all so tempting and the atmosphere was great, too. I am glad I was able to go there and hope Outlaw will return to Bristol someday.

  2. Hi Nadia, thank you for sharing your lovely blog re outlaw & for the mention of my work! They are indeed the same fish as you saw in marazion - are you familiar with the work of Sarah Nicol ceramics? It was Sarah who sourced the fish from me for the gallery. it was lovely to see you again bath recently & hope to see you again soon. Charlie x www.

    1. Hi Charlie! I'm glad you like the post. I was so tempted by the little fish - having seen them in several places now, I think it's clear I need to buy them someday.