Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mabel and Bird Pouch for Knitting Notions

I happen to be lucky enough to live near the Bath Artisan Market that takes place once a month and it was at one of those markets that I came across Mabel and Bird. I loved Emma's screen printed textiles, the pillows, key rings and cards. Sadly, I did not buy anything at the time and always wished I had.

Luckily, Mabel and Bird sell on their own website as well as Etsy and I fell in love with the linen screen printed scalloped pouch immediately. It is just the right size for knitting notions so I had to buy it.

I keep my KnitPro cables in it now, my knitting needle gauge, row counters, cable needles and all other bits and bobs that would otherwise get lost. The pouch is well made, too, and I like the pink contrast zip on it. The inside is lined with  more printed fabric with grey triangles. This lining shows through the linen a bit.

There was a slight delay between order and shipping, but Emma got in touch with me right away to let me know. To make up for it, she included the lovely extras you see above: a fun key ring (actually, it is a smaller version of the ones I saw when Emma sold at the market and I was very keen on them - such a wonderful coincidence). Also included was a crown brooch and a hand printed cards. I love everything!